Supercharge your case management system with a client portal.

CasePulse Screenshots on Mobile, Tablet, & Desktop

Solve the #1 client complaint — “I never hear from my legal team.”


Ratings & Reviews New

Get progress updates, reviews, and more with our ratings widget.

Forms New

Streamline information gathering from clients about claims, treatment, and more with custom forms that automatically post directly to your case management system.

Custom Pages & Data New

Display custom pages merged with case-specific information such as sharing to your client’s medical providers to stay up to date with their treatment.

Automatic Case Updates

Save hours by letting CasePulse automatically send notifications to clients when important actions happen on a case.

Mobile, Tablet, & Desktop

No special software to install. It works on all modern devices.

Exchange Messages

Send messages back-and-forth with your clients without leaving your case management system.

Send & Receive Files

With our familiar interface, your firm and clients can quickly and securely share files.

Multiple Language Support

Let your clients experience the entire portal in their native language.

Case Activity

A quick glance at their Activity Feed and your clients know where the case stands and what to expect next.

Text Message Notifications

Your client can choose to receive notifications by email, text, or both so they never miss an update.

White Labeled

Use the domain name, logo, and colors that match your company’s brand.

Your Data is Your Data

Client messages are automatically written to your case management system. The data is in your control no matter how long you use CasePulse.

Trusted by top firms across the U.S.

I knew this portal would be good for us, but I’m astonished at how much our clients like it! We have heard from clients through the portal that we’ve had a terrible time getting in touch with using email and text!

Great customer service oriented product. A must have for efficient and streamlined client communications.

We love CasePulse and highly recommend it. CasePulse decreases the time to conclude a case, by increasing direct and prompt client communication. CasePulse technical service is spot-on. CasePulse pays for itself. Please contact me as a reference anytime.

To say CasePulse has revolutionized our client communications would be an understatement. Our clients are thrilled with the improved communication, our staff loves the efficiency, and in just three months almost 75% of our invited clients are using the portal. An added bonus is the decreased number of phone calls.


Similar to a medical portal, clients can send messages to your team and share files through the portal from their phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Your team can respond directly from your case management system without breaking from their workflow.

We’ve built a number of custom applications and law firm portals. We decided to take the best elements from all of our previous projects and turn them into CasePulse so firms can add a client portal to their workflow without the huge time investment and development costs. CasePulse went live in January 2017.

Pricing depends on the size of your firm. To learn more, visit our Pricing page and schedule a demo so we can give you an exact price.

CasePulse is built for flexibility and to work with your current tools. You can embed videos, files, and links to any external tools in the messages that you send to clients.

CasePulse fully integrates with Needles 4 & 5, Neos, and LawBase. If you’d like to discuss other platform integrations or custom API access please contact us.

You can start inviting clients in as little as a week. We’ll work around your schedule and when you want to go live.

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