Do more with less

Imagine the ability to automatically send a message or explainer video to your clients at important steps on their case. Our automated workflows save time and ensure a consistent client experience.

Improve client satisfaction

Universally, the greatest complaint from law firm clients is “I never hear from my legal team.” Empower case managers to send and receive messages directly from their Needles message inbox.

Streamline communication

Skip voicemail tag, phone trees, and relaying messages. Give your clients access to their case, and your staff better access to your clients with intuitive mobile access.

Trusted at firms large and small

  • Automatically send case updates New!

    Save hours by letting CasePulse automatically send notifications to clients when important actions happen on a case.

  • Improve client contact

    Staying connected with your clients has never been easier. Send and receive messages directly from your Needles inbox.

  • Add your clients to the portal with one click!

    CasePulse connects with your clients and gets them signed up for the portal.

  • Save money

    Take advantage of significant time and material savings due to less context switching, time spent on the telephone, and reduced postage costs.

  • Securely send and receive files

    With our familiar interface, your firm and clients can quickly and securely share files.

  • Keep your clients up-to-date

    A quick glance at their Activity Feed and your clients know where the case stands and what to expect next.

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