How it Works

Integrating CasePulse is a simple process and we’ll work closely with you to make sure you get the most out of the client portal.

1. Schedule a Demo

We’ll share our screen online and walk you through all of the steps of the portal. You’ll see how to invite clients, share files, send messages, trigger automated messages, and we’ll review the admin-only tools. We’ll also discuss pricing and you’ll have a good picture of how your team will benefit from the portal.

2. Sign Up

If CasePulse is the right fit for you, we’ll execute a month-to-month service agreement, collect a one-time setup fee, and start moving forward. There’s no long-term contract and we don’t start the monthly billing until you’re using the portal live with clients.

3. Setup

We’ll work closely with you to configure the portal so that it best fits your needs. Our team will help with any technical setup, case management system configuration, setting up automated messages, and anything else we can do to make the process simple for you. We also handle the portal hosting and management so you don’t have to worry about another server or extra tech support.

4. Training

We’ll walk your team through a 45-minute online training and answer any questions they may have. Your team also has access to help videos at any time through the portal.

5. Launch

From sign up to going live can take as little as a week. We’ll work around your schedule and launch when your team is ready. After launch, we’ll continue to support and help you get the most out of the client portal.

Are you ready to start?

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